E-Rate Consulting Services

Our scope of services goes well beyond simply filling out E-Rate applications. We're actively involved in the entire process, from strategic analysis of your institution?s funding trends to understanding your technology and communications goals, while also ensuring that all deadlines are met consistently, completely and accurately. We assist a variety of clients including private schools, public school districts, libraries, BOCES and Consortiums with any of their E-rate needs.

Even though the E-Rate application process is stretched over multiple, fiscal years, it is not a full-time job. The added expense of hiring staff to complete and manage the E-Rate application process in house is very expensive and does not outweigh the benefits of hiring our firm to do it for you.

The key to our success is managing the process effectively while also maximizing your E-Rate funding potential. Outsourcing your yearly E-Rate responsibility is a great way to save valuable resources within the district and ensure that you receive all the funding for which you qualify.

Our E-Rate Consulting Services include but are not limited to:

  • Stay up to date on all program changes, such as the 2015 Modernization Order
  • Understand the technology needs of a school districts and identify opportunities that may save money on telecommunication and Internet service
  • Identify all E-Rate funding possibilities
  • Complete all application forms, filings and required correspondence
  • Manage, file and store all relevant paperwork associated with your application
  • Become the point of contact for all reviews, audits and appeals
  • Answer all Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) questions
  • Prepare and respond to Selective Review Audits
  • Prepare and file SLD and FCC Appeals
  • Review Free & Reduced figures and provide guidance to maximize E-Rate discounts
  • Answer compliance questions and eligibility issues
  • Prepare and follow-up with service substitutions, and SPIN number changes
  • Follow-up with E-Rate invoicing payments and discounts
  • Answer questions concerning E-Rate policies
  • Provide E-Rate training and E-Rate seminars
  • Review applications

CIPA Compliance Services

CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance is required for an entity to become and remain eligible for the E-Rate Program. If an entity is found to be noncompliant, it will be required to reimburse USAC for all funds received during the period of noncompliance – this could amount to a loss of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Because of this, compliance is vital. The guidelines presented by the FCC can be difficult to navigate, and we are pleased to offer several services to help ensure worry-free CIPA compliance

Our CIPA Compliance Services include but are not limited to:

  • Our CIPA compliance checklist, used to ensure that all CIPA requirements have been met -Document review, tracking, and retention
  • Compliance reports will be available immediately upon request
  • Sample Internet Safety and Acceptable Use policies that can be modified to fit any needs
  • Responsive and helpful guidance on the creation and modification of all CIPA-relevant documents
  • The ability to answer any questions necessary alleviate the confusion that can be caused by unclear CIPA language and requirements
  • Our guidance and expertise will be available to ensure that all CIPA requirements are met without the implementation of overly strict policies that affect educational integrity or curtail the rights of staff, students, and patrons

We go the extra mile:

We assist a variety of clients including private schools, public school districts, libraries, BOCES and Consortiums with any or all of the following services:

  • E-Rate Consulting — Our staff of E-Rate professionals will review the eligible free and reduced student population and identify opportunities that may lead to greater E-Rate discounts. In addition, we strategically position your E-Rate application so that maximum E-Rate funding is obtained. If you have received E-Rate funding in the past, E-Rate Exchange will conduct a Strategic Analysis of your prior E-Rate applications and look for additional opportunities that may result in increased E-Rate funding opportunities.
  • E-Rate Process Management — From start to finish, we’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll complete the necessary and often cumbersome paperwork, on time and accurately. Long after the E-Rate application process is concluded, we’ll continue working with you to ensure your E-Rate reimbursements are maximized.

E-Rate Exchange, LLC is a nation wide E-Rate Consulting firm. We can provide E-Rate Consultant Services in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Arkansas, Alabama & Alaska.


Grant Funding

Is your school in need of Grant Funding?

Do you have upcoming projects relating to STEM, School Improvement, Safe School, Energy Efficiency, etc? If so, we can request grant funding to help fund your project!







E2e Exchange, LLC has a team of professionals who are technology experts, engineers, finance and executive level administrative consultants. Our team ensures that grant funds are maximized fully by utilizing surveys, interviews, data gathering and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.


We identify technology, training, engineering, and processes to support your key business functions. We leverage technology to enhance successful project completion.


Before funding is approved, we ensure proper action plans for deployment are in place. This allows all parties to review and see the best course of action once funds are approved. Our goal is to maintain an end-to-end successful project implementation.


We utilize targeted technologies, people, and efficient processes to get the best results every time. Through special software, finding the right grant for you is made efficient for optimum grant funding success. Grant funding will be tailored around your project to increase likelihood of receiving the funds requested. You will have grant funding for your school in no time!

Call e2e for more examples and information on the other grant opportunities that are available to you.

Expense Reduction Experts

Are you over budget? Need help SAVING money? We can help!

We can quickly identify if, where, and how much additional cash flow may be available to add back into your budgets. At the very least, we will validate your procurement efforts at no cost to you.


E2e Exchange, LLC has partnered with NovaLinxs to bring our clients additional value. We have a team of experts in Accounting, Business, and Law to help reduce our client?s current expenses. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer strategic advisory services that focus on reducing operations and capital expenses. Our goal is to decrease our client?s expenses, improve broken processes, and strengthen vendor relationships..


A vast majority of companies are over-paying their suppliers, and by combining expense items into broad categories, it becomes next to impossible to analyze. We utilize forensic accounting methods to identify true cost ownership, and weaknesses in service contracts. We separate each expense item, compare them against our national database, and create a solution to reduce costs with the current provider or a new provider.


1. We gather expense information through an audit and benchmark the current contracts. We then examine the terms and conditions in that specific category to give an analysis of current:
1.Operating Costs
2.Lease Accounting & Cost Recovery
3.Capital Investment
4.Service Costs

2.We create a savings report based on industry standards, industry best practices, and business goals. The report will serve as a foundation for achieving savings and implementing out sustainable cost savings solution.

Upon approval, we work with your team to build a custom RFP and implement the recommended solution. However, 90% of the time we are successful helping our clients stay with their current provider.

We do not sell any products

We work on a contingency basis.

Most importantly, we provide nearly 100% satisfaction for our clients

Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) Grant Program

The purpose of the SRSA Program is to provide rural school districts with financial assistance to fund initiatives aimed at improving student academic achievement. To be eligible to apply for this type of funding, you must be designated as rural and have an average student attendance of less than 600 students.


Grantees may use SRSA funds to assist in activities authorized under the allowed federal programs that help improve student academic achievement. The SRSA program allows great flexibility in using the grant funds for a wide range of local activities the support student achievement.


If you don't file, then you will miss out on this opportunity to receive funding to put towards an academic program within your organization. This funding will greatly increase academic achievement potential for your school.


E2e will ensure all pre-application steps are completed and in place, and then handle the SRSA Grant application process on your behalf.

California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)

The CTF program provides a 25% discount off voice services and a 50% discount for broadband on select communications services to schools, libraries, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations located in CA.
The program is funded through a surcharge on all end-users of intrastate telecommunications services, within the state of California.


Eligible CTF Services

  • ATM, BPL, DSL, DS-1, DS-3
  • Ethernet, Fiber, ISDN, BRI, PRI
  • Satellite, SMDS, T-1, T-3, Fractional T-1
  • Wireless (Data plans and laptop cards)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Basic Voice Service, VoIP

Eligible Applicants Must be located in CA

  • Schools & School Districts
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals & Health Clinics
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Community Colleges


Our California Teleconnect Fund Service will help your organization save money on your communication services. e2e will ensure all application requirements are met and handle the CTF application process on your behalf.

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Why Outsource e-Rate Funding"Last year, E-Rate Exchange helped us get a 60% discount on telephone and internet services for our district.” <read more>

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